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Please Note: If  the  forcast  calls  for  rain.  I highly  advise everyone to bring  an  umbrella  and  cover  up  well.  You  can  wear a hoodie, long pants, socks, tennis shoes  or  rain  boots.  The rain usually comes and goes, but it’s completely in your hands how your tan develops after leaving the salon. We do  offer 48 hour touch up guarantees in case something happens, but our schedule fills up quick,  especially at the last minute.  Don’t  risk ruining your gorgeous tan in the rain. Protect yourself from it at all  times even on days you don’t think it’ll rain.


  • Exfoliate, shave and wax areas of your body you normally would 24 hours prior to your appointment.

  • Use a washcloth and your favorite body wash to exfoliate instead of using your  loofah or pouf  which  do  not  exfoliate properly for a spray  tan.  For ultimate results you can even exfoliate with your washcloth  2 days in a row if you don’t normally exfoliate this  way.

  • Do not apply lotion, perfume, or deodorant prior to your session. You will be able to put on  deodorant right after. You can wear makeup, but you won't be able to wash it off until after your 1st shower.

  • During your tan session avoid touching your skin to prevent solution from rubbing off and staining your hands. 

  • Woman can undress down  to  their comfort  level.  Whatever  you  do  decide  to wear you will have tan  lines.  Men can wear boxers or  briefs.  You’ll  be able  to  fold  and adjust anything  you decided  to  wear if  you wish to minimize tan lines.

  • Wait a few minutes to dry and wear loose dark clothing after your sunless tan session.  You can request our exclusive drying  powder “Glow  By  Erin” to dry instantly,  prevent tan rub off, and to prevent  humidity from affecting the development of your sunless tan.

  • Avoid  contact  with water until after your 1st shower. That includes sweating excessively like you would during a workout session. 

  • Depending on your tan level of choice you will be given instructions to shower 2-8 hours after, or the next day.

  • The darker you go the more noticeable fade you might have so, it’s very important to prep very well to ensure the best spray tan results and best fading as possible. Tans can last you up to 14 days with proper preparation and care routine.  

  • If for any reason you need a small touch up, no worries, just call me within 48 hours at no additional cost... I got you covered!


  • Avoid  scrubbing  or using a loofah/pouf or any other scrubs in the shower for as long as you want your spray tan to last.

  • Avoid taking long hot showers and soaking in the tub for too long.

  • The less shaving the better and shaving must be done as gentle as possible or it can take off your spray tan much faster.

  • Moisturize at least 2 - 3 times a day to prolong your skin’s natural exfoliation process. If you have severe dry skin moisturize extra on dry areas. 

  • As with any tan drink plenty of water and stay hydrated to keep your skin soft and supple.

  • If you're heading to the beach or just hanging out at the pool use water-proof sunscreen coming in and out of the water. I recommend Hempz water proof sunscreen, which I carry at the salon. You will absolutely love it! It also counts towards your daily moisturizing regimen and it smells AMAZING!

  • Your tan can last up to 14 days... Once your tan starts to fade it's time to exfoliate. I recommend using a washcloth again and a moisturizing body scrub.

  • Best EXFOLIATION tip: The fastest exfoliation method is soaking in a tub for about 20 minutes using your favorite products with added essential oils. Use a washcloth during this time to scrub your old sunless tan off. This will work like magic in removing dead skin cells and prepping your skin for your next spray tan appointment.

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